Store Basic Set-Up

Click on top left of the screen on: "Vendor: your name"

*Once done in one language, you can translate the description and terms & conditions tab (We can gladly help you translate your items, no extra charge!)

General tab:

Fill Out all the Lines

Click "Connect With Stripe" to setup your account to get paid in real time. It’s easy and fast.

Click "Save" Top right

Add-on Tab:

SEO name: put the name here for an easy address link (make it easy to remember and share)

Click "Save" Top right

Description Tab:

Description of your business. Remember to translate it!

Logo Tab:

Put your logo here. Put a smaller version (150x150) of your logo for the Invoices

Click "Save" Top right

Terms and conditions:

If you want a customer to agree to your terms and conditions at checkout, fill in Terms & Conditions. If you leave empty, a customer proceeds without agreement.

Plan Tab:

You can change your plan anytime to fit your needs.

Click "Save" Top right

Reviews Tab:

Here you will find reviews from customers

Products Basic Set-up

Add a product:

Go in the "Products" menu top left and click on the "products" tab

Click “+” on the top right

For simple products, we recommend to fill out on the first 5 Tabs: General, SEO, Options, *Shipping and Quantity discount. (The shipping tab will be added when the product will be created and saved)

Remember to translate French and English text. (We can gladly help you translate your items, no extra charge!)

General Tab:

Fill Out all the * lines

*You can always edit products later

Click the applicable Taxes Boxes


If you need a category that is not yet on our market, just let us know and we will add it.

Administration: Shipping and Taxes

Shipping: We already give you Xpresspost and Regular shipping in real time from Canada Post. You can add your preferred shipping method to set you different options like free shipping over a certain amount. You can also set different option for other countries and provinces.